Someone To Call My Own

Portable E-book Reader With Clipping Path For Book And Screen. YI’m still waiting on a release for the book, and although I am really excited to share an excerpt, I can’t until I get my final edits- which will happen soon. In the meantime, I’m finally able to share this cover. Love the model, she really captures the ‘innocence’ of Cassie.

On a different note. For anyone experiencing problems with the PDF file of Worth The Price on ARe, please know I am working on it. The file is currently being reformatted to fix this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!


As many of you have noticed, I took quite a long break away from writing. I apologize anyone who has written to me during the years and did not receive a reply. My hiatus from writing was 100% withdrawal from the publishing world to focus on my delightful children. So after having my third child and lots of wonderful experiences, I am happy to announce that my next book Someone To Call My Own will be available in August from Twisted E-Publishing. More details to come.

In other news: As for my Hart’s Fall series, those books are currently on hold. I can’t restart or work on A Kiss Away until I fall back in love with the characters in order to give this book my all.

Snippet for Someone To Call My Own:

Liam could still hear that lowlife spouting all the reasons why he thought it was all right to hit her. “She’s a fucking nobody.” He’d pointed a dirty finger at her then, vehement in his justification. “That bitch right there. Castle. Yeah that’s her name. She’s a goddamn hooker. Fucks guys all day. Think it make a difference if I wanna get in on that too. C’mon man. You don’t wanna defend that ho’.”

Before the fucker spoke, Liam had been so enraged at witnessing the attack he hadn’t even taken the time to really look at the girl. All he’d seen was a woman in need of help. At the sound of that one word however, every muscle inside his body grew still. There was only one person in this entire world he’d ever known with such an unusual name.




Cover Art!

I got the cover art for book 2 last night and I’m so excited. I absolutely love it!!!!! I still don’t have a release date yet, and won’t have one until I’m finished with editing, which will be a while, since I’ve had to cut back on writing. I won’t post a date if I won’t be able to keep to it, but as soon as I have one, I will post it:-)

Thursday Update

It’s a holiday over here, not sure if it is in the U.S also. What holiday? I have no idea… Anywhoo, I wanted to give a quick update, since I haven’t been online in a while. I’ll get straight to that, I know I’ve mentioned before how strapped I am for time and I’ve mentioned what now seems to be a fabled website that was being worked on for me. I won’t get into all the details of that, but that had to be stopped for a while. At some point however, I will have a website, and I will probably no longer blog. I hate having the blog and not being able to update it regularly, so when this website comes, everything will be on there.

Some of you might have noticed I have a new title up on this page. A Kiss Away is the second book in the Hart’s Fall series, which I have been working on and will start editing on Monday, when the kids return to Kindergarten. I’ve been asked about a release date for this, and at first I mentioned aiming for December, then it was changed to January. I hope I can keep that January date, but if not, just know I am still writing and working on it. No matter how silent I get, I’m still working and will always be writing. Just lots going on right now, including another possible move for us. Still in Germany, but to another city where we hope to settle down for good this time, so our oldest son can start Grundschule (Elementary School) there without us ever having to move again. So, let’s see how it all goes!! Wishing you all an early and wonderful weekend. 

Wednesday Update

Hi everyone. I know I’ve mentioned how crazy everything is with me right now. Trying not to stress and just take things one day at a time. One of the things I’m focusing on right now is getting my driver’s license for Germany. It’s a lengthy and painstaking process to say the least. One day I woke up and realized that my American license was no longer valid because of how long I’ve been over here, so I had to start the process of switching over. That meant having to sit two Sunday’s ago for a first aid course. Thank God that’s over with. Then I have to get my license officially translated, which isn’t really much since an American license only contains basic info. Though I could go into the place ADAC (Kinda like AAA, I guess) and get it translated in a few minutes. Okay, that has to take two weeks…

Then I have to take a written test, which is nothing like the one we take in the States. About 946 questions that you have to study and on the test will be 30 of them, and you’re only allowed to get 2 wrong. Okay…. Been busting my ass studying those questions, which involves physics, formulas for calculating stopping speed and a whole bunch of stuff about cars I never heard before. I got frustrated and took a break after studying for about three weeks, thinking I could take the test whenever I was ready. Um…No. Then I found out I had to wait another 4-6 weeks after sending an application to the agency in charge of all that, and get this, wait on them to give me an appointment of when I can take the test. Which means I’ll have to get cracking on studying again, to refresh everything I learned.

And throughout it all, I’m taking driving lessons from an instructor on how to drive a manual. There was no need since we had an automatic here. When that car started acting up, we ended up getting a manual, which I keep stalling. Not so good. To keep both of us from going crazy, hubby and I agreed a third party would be better at teaching me. So far so good, can’t wait to become more proficient at handling a stick though:-)

So that was my long story and now to switch to something else. My friend Kortny Alexander is having a contest over on her blog to promote her book Come And Get Me being released in paperback. she’d bundling this with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so please if you love her books, take a look.

Still here

Hey everyone. Just wanted to give a quick update. I’m still working on the book. Just a few chapters left until I start editing. It’s been a busy week, lots to do with the family and planning for next year when the oldest starts Grundschule (Elementary School) including living arrangements. Don’t wanna say too much in case I jinx myself, but needless to say, I have a lot going on right now. 

As for the book, I will have to let you all know that it will probably be released in January instead of December. This is simply a logical decision as December will be all about Christmas books, and I’d like to wait for that wave to pass by, plus I want to edit, edit as much as I can. So it will be around the first week of January. I try to get the books out sooner, but I’ve pretty much resigned to being a slower writer because the last thing I want is to neglect my kids and family life because of writing. And I could never be a writer who pushes out books for the sake of doing so. So, that’s that. Hope you all understand. Thanks.