Vampire, Werewolf or Demon?

I’ve read lots of vampire paranormals and I love vampires. Not the ones who hate what they are, but the ones who embrace it.
Werewolves are great to, and to this I have not found another werewolf as awesome as Lachlain McReive from A Hunger Like No Other.
That being said, I wish there were more books about demons. They’re my new favorite paranormal beings. It’s almost like a forbidden type of badass creature. It could also be because I find the thick curled back horns sexy as dare I say Hell.

5 thoughts on “Vampire, Werewolf or Demon?

    • Delilah Hunt says:

      Julia, coincidentally I have a WIP that involves a demon also, but he has horns. I had to give him horns! My demon also resides in Hell. But hey, the horns doesn’t make the demon. All about the attitude.

  1. Tasha Jennings says:

    Hehe. I like vampires. But I don’t like Edward. Is that who you mean by the type of vampire that don’t like themself? Demons are kinda freaky, but werewolves are alright.

    • Delilah Hunt says:

      Yes I kinda of had Edward and some other vampires in mind. I’ve even read a romance novel where the vampire kept searching for a way to become human again. He eventually did, but I always thought he made a better hero as a vampire.

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