Versatile Blogger Award

The fabulous author Ciara Knight has honored me with the Versatile Blogger Award!!

Recipients should:

1) Share 7 things about yourself.

2) Pass this award on to 15 other bloggers recently discovered.

3) Notifiy the recipients.

4) Link the blogger who gave this award



1. I’ve lived in Jamaica, England, Germany and U.S.A.

2. I’m in love with Alan Rickman’s voice.

3. I gave birth to my oldest son the exact day after my husband and I got married.

4. I have no absolutely no sense of direction. It takes nothing for me to get lost or disoriented, even stepping outside a store in the mall.

5. I’ve witnessed a plane crash that haunts me to his day. I saw the pilot frantic in the cockpit before he died.

6. I had pet goats as a child.

7. I don’t like wine.


1. A.D Blackburn

2. Avril Ashton

P.S All links are up on my blog roll. I’m trying to figure out how to create anchor links!

Shout out to Julia Barrett for having me as a guest on her blog yesterday!!!

6 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. delilahhunt says:

    Yeah. It was horrible, I witnessed it during recess one day in high school. Ona lighter note. Yeah Alan is hot in such a unique way. I saw that you mentioned him too on your blog. Must be Alan Rickman day for Evernight authors, because A.D spoke of him too. lol.

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