Detour Monday

Happy Monday everyone!! *counting down the days until Christmas* It seems I have to take another day off from my WIP Hell’s Angel. Edits came in last night for my menage story Taken by Three. I started on it last night and I plan on finishing it up today.

This WIP is kind of kicking my ass. I’m nearing the end and my Muse has decided to begin a game of hide and seek. I hope I can get back into the groove of things and find the inspiration to finish it up decent enough so when I go back to edit it before submitting, I won’t have a lot of rewriting to do to fix it up.

What does everyone else have planned for today or this week?

UPDATE: Click on The Vampire’s Pet page up top for link to first chapter read!! 

4 thoughts on “Detour Monday

  1. Ciara Knight says:

    I’ve promised myself that I will get some sort of writing time in today. I never made my word count over the weekend. Hope to make it up this week. Good luck with your revisions!!

    • Delilah Hunt says:

      Thanks! Hope you cam make up the wordcount. Sometimes we just need to relax a bit on the weekends, hard as it is to do when you’re a writer.

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