Wow. I wish I was on a warm sunny beach, relaxing in the shade under a palm tree with a bottle of Moet & Chandon. I’m really craving some champagne right about now. Guess it’s the whole New Years vibe.

For the next couple of days I’m just gonna kick back do some plotting then delve into another contemporary romance. In the meantime, I’m still chomping at the bits, counting the days until Tempting Mr. Parker gets released and trying not to grind my teeth at the fact that my four old son managed to break a shard of glass or whatever it is inside our big screen. Needless to say the tv is no longer working 😦

3 thoughts on “Whew!!

  1. Ciara Knight says:

    Oh, no! He broke the TV? Don’t feel bad my youngest broke specific piece of a speaker that cost almost a thousand dollars to replace. I choked and yelled at hubby for buying something that cost so much to fix. LOL.
    Enjoy your time kicking back. When is the release date again?

  2. delilahhunt says:

    Our speakers were destroyed by my youngest one also. Everything gets destroyed by them. Yep, so out tv is in the garage waiting for garbage pick up day. DH says it can’t be fixed. Well, too bad for the boys cause all that means is no more cartoon watching. They were the only ones watching the tv anyway. My book is being released the 7th. I hope it gets a good reception 🙂

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