Starting Fresh!

Hmm. I guess there’s no such thing as taking a break when you’re a writer. I told myself I wouldn’t start a new WIP for at least a week. Well I went one day without writing and I became antsy. I couldn’t NOT write.

So here I am almost 5k into a new WIP and I’m feeling good. It’s a contemporary, erotic and filled with angst as always. Let’s see how well this one goes and if it even sees the light of day to readers 😉

What’s everyone else up to for this month?

4 thoughts on “Starting Fresh!

  1. avrilashton says:

    The plan was, I was supposed to start working on my f/f erotic today. I’d written 12k and put it down. Shooting for at least 25k, but damn emails and computer bizness took over and now it’s too late to start for the day. I’ll try to sneak in a 2k tonight when the fam is asleep, but I’m not holding my breath.

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