About Writing

I’ve just been thinking about how much I’ve learned in the few months since I began submitting to publishers. The first story I submitted was plagued with the dreaded head hopping. I had no idea what that was until a lovely editor informed me. I cleared it up right away in my next manuscript.

1. Have distinct P.O.V

2. Don’t use physical descriptions for a person when in their P.O.V

3. Do not use the same word over and over in the same sentence or paragraph.

Those were my main issues at first that I think I have gotten past with the help of excellent editors.

What issues were/are you troubled with as a writer?

5 thoughts on “About Writing

  1. Julia Rachel Barrett says:

    I guess I like long, run-on sentences which my editors never ever like. In judging contests, I notice that head-hopping is the most frequent sin. I think one of the reasons is because we read books by well-known authors and they get away with massive amounts of head-hopping so we think that’s how it’s done.

  2. Amy-Shell says:

    Sometimes I tell verses show! I want to say “the was was scary” (not literally, but you get the idea) instead of describing a scary house and allowing the reader to “see” it and determine if it is scary. Like Stephen King said, “Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s.” Also, I used passive voice a lot! But I’m getting much better about that.

    • delilahhunt says:

      I now what you mean Amy. My way of getting past that is it to actually close my eyes and visualize the scene. I google images and random things to look at to help me write better descriptions and I always use thesaurus.com to help me find bodacious words to use instead of flat ones. Thanks for stopping by.

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