Your First

I was just thinking back to the first romance novels I used to read. I’m almost positive the very first one I read was a bodice ripper called Sweet Deception. I saw the cover and couldn’t resist reading it at the tender age of thirteen. I became unstoppable after that, reading sometimes five bodice rippers per week and wishing I was the heroine at times. I especially wanted to be Heather in The Flame and The Flower with a Brandon of my own. (silly child that I was)

Can you all recall the first or one of the first romance novels you’ve ever read that made you become hooked on the genre?

6 thoughts on “Your First

  1. Ciara Knight says:

    Oh, I REMEMBER. I remember my parents found it and sat me down to explain Forever, by Judy Blume was Porn and that sex wasn’t really like that. LOL. Imagine a 13 year old sitting on the edge of her bed with her father and mother standing over her. I’m still scarred. 🙂

    • delilahhunt says:

      Oh wow. How traumatizing Ciara. I used to hide my books too, but when my mom found out she didn’t care. Now we laugh about it and she says at least something good came out of me reading those “dirty books”. I love Judy Blume btw.

  2. Marteeka Karland says:

    my first romance was Savage Heat by Nan Ryan. yeah, it had Fabio on the cover too. I don’t care what anyone says, back in the day, that man was SERIOUSLY hot! still is in my book. and i don’t care WHO knows i said that! He was the reason i bought that book and several others, including my favorite Sci-Fi romance of all time by Johanna Lindsey called Warrior’s Woman.

    just saying…

    you don’t think i actually read the blurbs do you? i was zeroed in on the hot guy!

  3. Jenn says:

    My first romance was a teen romance… she was shy and nerdy while he was the popular jock and there was no stopping me from there. I would go to the library and stock up on the “Sweet Dream” teen romances and from there was no stopping me to moving on to Harlequin Presents, historicals, Harlequin Temptation … I love romance.

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