Erotic romance

I write EROTIC romance. Plain and Simple. I try to write about characters that can be everyday people, you and me. I love for my characters to be seen as sympathetic, feel their emotions deeply and with that comes expressing their love through sensual, EROTIC loveplay. I use the C-word among others to describe a woman’s parts.

In fact I love using this word. It’s powerful, it’s erotic. I try to shed a positive light on this word. It can be a beautiful word when a man is in love with his woman.

When I write my sex scenes, I try to convey the total love and trust the characters have for each other. The more sensual I can make it the better. I love writing tender romances, but when my hero and heroine hit the sheets, they’re going to show you that falling in love isn’t just emotional, it’s a whole onslaught of physical yearnings and desire.

And perhaps that is the difference between Traditional romance and Erotic romance. I love to write Erotica/ Erotic romance because it doesn’t downplay or sugarcoat the emotions of love. Don’t get me wrong. I love, absolutely love traditional romances, but when I pick up an erotic romance book, the hot sex is a definite part of what I’m expecting!


5 thoughts on “Erotic romance

  1. Julia Rachel Barrett says:

    ICAM. I’m very comfortable reading and writing erotic romance. As a reader, I can always tell when an author is uncomfortable writing an erotic scene – in which case they really should stick the sex behind closed doors.

  2. delilahhunt says:

    Agreed Julia. I tried my hand at children’s books, and I sucked big time. I thought it would be easy that I would be able to do it, but I absolutely could not write one. My Muse must be a voyeur, because I love erotica so much.

  3. Jenn says:

    If you are reading erotica then you should know what you are reading and sex is never sugar coated. There will be C-words and P-words and other things. It’s all good to me!

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