Hell’s Angel cover and Excerpt link

Hell’s Angel, my latest paranormal, which basically takes place in…Hell. The love story between an angel and a demon. Marteeka Karland designed the cover and I’m so happy with it. Release date is Feb. 4. Friday!!

Here is the link to the official excerpt put up by Changeling Press. This excerpt doesn’t show any interaction between the hero and heroine. When I get my copy of this novella I will post an additional excerpt with some interaction between them. I think this is important for readers to get a glimpse of both characters.

P.S  On Wednesday I will post details for a chance to win a copy of this novella.

UPDATE: I’ve posted my own Excerpt here!  Hell’s Angel

8 thoughts on “Hell’s Angel cover and Excerpt link

  1. Cinquetta says:

    I like it! The heroine is beautiful and hero is cute. If his hair was longer he would have been sexy. I still like it. It makes me want to buy it just for the cover.

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