Possession and Contest Details

Possession: A Novel of the Diabolus Venator by A.D. Blackburn is out.

In the epic battle between Heaven and Hell, there are angels and demons…and then there’s James. Blurb and Excerpt can be found at Evernight Publishing

Contest Details for a copy of Hell’s Angel by Delilah Hunt

The last time I held a contest not many people entered. Actually only one person did and the book automatically went to that person.

SO…maybe that will happen again and one lucky person won’t have any competition. Details as followed: Leave a comment about anything on my site or life in general… Pick a number between 1 and 20. Person who comes closest to the number I have in mind wins. Can’t get any easier than that! I’ll name the winner on Thursday morning.

7 thoughts on “Possession and Contest Details

  1. A.D. Blackburn says:

    MUAH! Thank you for the pimpage, Delilah! I appreciate it more than you know. I can only hope that readers love James as much as I do…your friendship means the world to me, especially since I an a fan too 🙂

    That being said….17 😉 JK. I’m gonna buy Hell’s Angel. Sounds like its right up my alley ❤

  2. delilahhunt says:

    No problem Annie. I’m so happy for you that it’s finally released. I know how excited you must be! Your friendship means a lot to me too 🙂 I can’t wait to read Possession as soon as I finish up with my editing.

  3. Paulette says:

    Hi Delilah!

    I have enjoyed reading the excerpts from your books and I think you have an exciting writing style. Since I have never actually read one of your novels in it’s entirety, it would be cool to win my first one! 13

    Even if I don’t win, I plan on buying one soon! Thanks!

  4. Cinquetta says:

    Damn! I wish I log on on Wednesday, my silly ass didn’t do it. Sometimes I can kick my own ass….damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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