Stylish Blogger Award

Fellow Erotic Interracial romance author Charisma Knight has awarded moi with the Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks a bunch hun!!

7 Things about Me

1. My favorite Harry Potter character is Professor Snape.

2. Eating Cheetos and Oreo cookies make me think better.

3. As a teenager I was obsessed with The Backstreet Boys, earning the nickname “Backstreet Girl.” um…yeah.

4. I’m a total nerd, who wishes I could speak Japanese just so I could understand Sailor Moon in all it’s awesomeness.

5. Referring back to #4. I am a nerd.

6.  I’ve been propositioned as a prostitute in Paris, France. um…yeah

7.  I’m a certified Gelato addict.

P.S. Stop by to check out my interview with Charisma.



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