Feeling Lighter Today!

Happy Tuesday everyone. I’m especially pleased to say I’ve completed and handed in my latest novella Riding the Storm. Will update with more info.

I’m also happy to give a shout out to my friend Carmen Jones. Her book Second Chances will be released on March 4th from Whispers Publishing.


Raven Kennedy thought Wesley Hamilton was the love of her life until she met his fiancée.  In an attempt to salvage her pride, she abruptly returns to Atlanta to embark on a new career as the Director of the Atlanta Museum of Southern Art and History.

However, when a business acquisition brings the two face to face again, Raven is forced to confront the fact that despite his treacherous behavior, no man has ever replaced Wesley Hamilton in her heart or her bed.  The fire that erupts threatens to consume them both.

Wesley Hamilton was prepared to propose to Raven Kennedy before she departed New York without a word.  The betrayal had left him heart broken and bitter.  When he finds out that she is in Hilton Head, he is determined to get answers from her.

Although he’s still angry with Raven, when some deranged lunatic starts trying to kill her, Wesley feels compelled to protect her at all costs.  Raven is certain that the killer wants to keep her from acquiring the Solomon Cahill diary for the museum.

When they’re thrown together, both Wesley and Raven realize how much they still love each other.  Can Raven overcome her fears of abandonment long enough to prove to Wesley that she never stopped loving him?  Can Wesley learn to trust Raven again and thwart the would be killer who threatens to end their happiness forever?

After having loved and lost once, can there be room in the heart for Second Chances?

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