Free Copy of Hell’s Angel

It’s Wednesday and I’m in so deep with Wyoming Triple Heat I can’t think of much to write for my blog. So, let’s see, what do I want to say. Okay here goes. I have decided that for now I will focus more on the contemporaries and menages as opposed to the paranormals.

If you haven’t read my (short) novella Hell’s Angel and would like a chance, I will be giving away a copy (or two) depending on how many people enter. This of course is completely separate from the contest I will be holding later this month. So, it’s the same drill today. Leave a comment about anything and I’ll pick the winner tomorrow. Feel free to enter even if you’ve entered my other contests 🙂

WINNER UPDATE: Thanks to Cinquetta for entering the contest. Changeling Press should be emailing you a copy today!!!!!! Happy Reading.

11 thoughts on “Free Copy of Hell’s Angel

    • delilahhunt says:

      Yes. I’ve come to realize that my heart lies with the contemporaries. I enjoy writing them a lot more than the paranormals. Guess for every writer there’s always a genre that flows better for them. I’m not giving up all together on paranormals, maybe later on I’ll attempt another one, but for now…

  1. Cinquetta says:

    AHHH NOOO I love your paranormal stories BUT I love your menage stories better. So I am okay with you writing contemporary especially when it is menage. **hint** **hint**

    • delilahhunt says:

      Thanks Cinquetta. The contemporaries and menages feel more natural to me than the paranormals. Plus, I like writing those the most. I’m glad you enjoy both genres of my writing though 🙂

  2. Cinquetta says:

    THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! gIRL i AM JUMPING FOR JOY. THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE DELILAH YOU ARE THE BEST. You made my day!!!!!! If you could see me now I am doing my happy dance. I am bushing and I can’t stop ginning.

    • delilahhunt says:

      You’re welcome! I hope you’ve received it all right. As long as you enjoy reading my work, always check back because I love handing out copies to those willing to give it a try. Whenever I have a new release I’m going to do a contest for a copy. So make sure to check back for Riding The Storm, who knows, you might be the only to enter and have no competition, lol. Have a great weekend, Cinquetta 🙂

  3. Cinquetta says:

    I enjoy HELL’S ANGEL that was nice. The sex scene wasn’t too bad either. I wish it have a fight scene between Callum and Angel Antenous(sp) he send down to be punish for stand with Lucifer. Callum did not he was wrongly accuse. I love Amara personaity. When you love someone why play games. You rock this story only thing I wish it was longer and it some fight scene. Thank you so much…thank you!!!!!!!!

    • delilahhunt says:

      HI Cinquetta. Thank you so much for the feedback. The character of Alexandros had to undergo a change during edits. He was initially supposed to be conniving and knowing fully what he did to Callum. Perhaps one day I will revisit these characters… I’m glad you enjoyed it though, despite it’s length.

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