Still At It

Happy Monday 🙂  The weather has slapped me in the face. Just when I though an early spring was approaching, lo and behold it’s snowing again…

The contest I’ve mentioned, will be on Wednesday, the 16th- Friday the 18th. It’ll be very simple. A copy of Tempting Mr. Parker, Indecent Encounters, The Vampire’s Pet and Hell’s Angel will be available. I’ll post the instructions on Wednesday, easy peasy.

I’m sure you all know by now I love these contests, so if you’re not a winner on Friday stick around for a chance to win a very short Hot Flash encounter, Dragon’s Lair from Changeling Press when that releases and also for the contest I’m going to hold for a copy or two of Riding The Storm in April.

5 thoughts on “Still At It

  1. Cinquetta says:

    UHHH I love contest especially yours. You are the best you warm my greed little heart. Hooary for Wednesday and Friday…hey!!!!!!!

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