Riding The Storm Contest!

Yep. The time has come. Riding The Storm will be released on the 13th. So from today until I post the winner on Wednesday morning, the contest will be on. Leave a comment here and I will pick a winner by random. Doesn’t matter if you’ve won on my site before!

Also up for grabs is a copy of my short story Dragon’s Lair.

8 thoughts on “Riding The Storm Contest!

  1. Denise Haskins says:

    Ms. Delilah,

    I can’t wait to read Riding the Storm. Tempting Mr. Parker was an excellent book. Congrats on your new release.


  2. Cleo Daniel-Muhammad says:

    I have been counting the days down til the release of “Riding the Storm” Have you given anymore serious thought to expanding your free story? The short was powerful but there was so much depth in each character they could easily be expounded. Good luck with you move. I know how hectic it can be! I have moved several times from country to country. Just breathe and have a glass or two of wine!

    • delilahhunt says:

      Hi Cleo. It’s so funny that you mention the free story. All morning long I have walking around in a daze thinking about Jake and Charity. I definitely plan on writing their entire story from the beginning, including the free story scene. Right now I am not sure if I will start it after I submit Wyoming Triple Heat or do a BDSM that has been in my head. Jake and Charity are very persistent however, so who knows, maybe I will get started on their story next. And that glass of wine sounds very good right about now!

  3. Cinquetta says:

    OhSNAP! I love your contest and your books. It always bring a smile to my face when I read one of your stories. I love you girl! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

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