Thursday Update

I hope everyone’s week has been good so far! I’m still over the moon about the wonderful comments some of you have been emailing me about Riding the Storm. Thanks a bunch. Also for the encouragements I have received. It helps tremendously I tell ya’! And yes, I am totally unapologetic and unashamed of the love scenes. No worries that it’ll change anytime soon folks 🙂

So on Saturday, my internet service will be gone and on Monday I will be heading off to Germany. I hope to get back to my blog and writing as soon as possible after I get there. I always feel like a person in withdrawal if I don’t write anyway, lol.

My latest WIP, Love Unspoken is a bit of a challenge, but I am already in love with this hero, Cole. Gonna give it my all. It’s a bit different and a challenge because he’s a hunky cowboy who can’t speak. The heroine is an African American young woman named Noelle. I’m still getting to know her.

Gah, and of course I’ll always keep you guys updated on Wyoming Triple Heat for those who are interested in reading a raunchy menage.

-Lots of Love. I’ll check back in before Saturday and good luck to those who entered the contest at BlackRaven.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Update

  1. Jenn says:

    I am taking a mini-vacay starting tomorrow and “Riding the Storm” is going to be my first vacay read! I don’t know how I waited so long … I amaze myself sometimes, LOL.

    Have a safe move to Germany — sounds like a great adventure that you are about to embark on with your family!

  2. Fionn Jameson says:

    Honestly, I LOVE the idea of having a mute Hero. I don’t know why but I’m ridiculously in love with Heros with major physical flaws. Who knows why? But if you ever need a beta reader or crit partner or whatever for this project, I’m really just a hop, skip and a jump away. Gooded lucken? 😛

    • delilahhunt says:

      Me too. I love guys who are flawed. Scars, disabilities…you name it. I think it’s so sweet to read romances with these heroes. Hahah, I think you mean ‘”viel Gluck” good luck. I’ll get back to you in a couple of weeks Fionn, when I have a good portion of it written. Can’t wait to hear your insight.

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