Searching and Searching

The hubby and I are still trying to find a place of our own before we both go stir crazy! It takes a little longer to find a place than in the states because things are so formal here with paperwork. *sigh*

The children are doing well though. My four year old son keeps asking me to translate German words to English for him. Sometimes I don’t even know the English equivalent and then he’ll turn around and tell me the word instead, making me feel like a dumbass, lol. We also got into it yesterday because I tried to show him the right way to watch his hands, whereby he told me. “Momma you just need to leave me alone and let me do it myself. I don’t need your help.” Um…okay…*runs off and cry*

Writing on Love Unspoken is going a bit slower than normal. I’m not happy with it, but I try to write something everyday just to stay in touch with the characters. I’m eager for things to get back to normal soon so I can get back on track with my writing schedule 😉

9 thoughts on “Searching and Searching

  1. Maureen says:

    I feel for you sweetie! When my child was a youngling (3), he was installing a computer program and having trouble with it. I tried and kept getting a disk error. My hubby came home, and dont you know it, perfect on the first try! My son said “momma, I just don’t think you know what you are doing!” Needless to say, it tore me up. Your young man is just trying to be a big man, and prove he can be helpful so you don’t have something else to worry about. I know it is hard, but be glad he is not “hanging on your skirt” crying about the move, etc. Sounds like a very brave little man to me.

    • delilahhunt says:

      LoL. Of course daddy comes in and solves everything! Ugh. The thing is they are so darn honest with their opinions. I think the worst was when my son saw a picture of Ghaddafi and told me I looked like him. What the Hell???? He does think he’s a big man, but he has his moments of acting like a baby and competing with his little bro for attention. Kids, gotta love em 🙂

  2. Fionn Jameson says:

    Your children sound adorable. Good luck with the house hunt. It took SO and I about 1.5 months to find a place to stay when we got back from Asia, and we stayed with his family. I adore them to heck, but too many people in one roof is sometimes not such a good idea. 😦

  3. Cinquetta says:

    OHMYGOODESS your kid is smart and adorable, girl enjoy the moment. Trust me when they turn into teenagers you get this: “Look woman I am at home I don’t need to be smart!!”

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