Learning some Lessons

Boo. No news yet on us finding a new place. Didn’t think it would be this hard, can’t give up though. I’ve officially signed the contract with Siren, so hopefully the ball will get rolling and I would be so happy if the release date gets moved up sooner than August *keeping my fingers crossed*

Now I would like to let you all know that from now on, I will no longer be posting details about my works in progress until they are contracted. I have a very good reason for this, and without going into sordid details. Let’s just say I am now aware that I have to be more cautious about my writing, in terms of anyone (someone) attempting to mimick my work. No ego there, just straight up fact and it hurts like hell. Needless to say, it’s an eye opener to the world of publishing, the desperation and need to capitalize that drives some individuals. I will not allow it to deter me, I’m just sorry I won’t be able to share tidbits with you all. I will still post blurbs and excerpts, just nothing before an actual contract is signed.

11 thoughts on “Learning some Lessons

  1. Maureen says:

    There was just a posting on “Pink Chair Diaries” about the plagerism issue happening. I think Lex Valentine posted it. Such a shame for all of you that work so hard.

    • delilahhunt says:

      Hi Maureen. I was not plagiarised, (at least I hope it would never come to that) It is more along the line of another author who I believe has no interest in I/R relationships, wishing to write based off my plot line because she hopes to capitalize off it. I will not name names of course, but suffice it to say this person has said something I consider offensive in regards to what readers wish to read in an interracial romance. It leaves me shaking my head, more so as a black woman and wondering what she could possibly know about being involved in an I/R relationship. I’ve been there, experienced some of the ish.

  2. Fionn Jameson says:

    😦 I’m sorry to hear that, Delilah. It’s sad and pathetic people would want to steal someone else’s hard work and turn it into something they’ve “done”. Do they get satisfaction out of this?

    • delilahhunt says:

      Hi Fionn. I wouldn’t call it stealing, because no matter how annoyed I am, she has not done that. Let’s just call it a person unwilling to depend on their own talent, but would rather watch what another author is doing to repeat it.

  3. Nichelle Williams says:

    It just amazes me that someone who is a author in their own right cannot see that stealing ideas to capitalize is plain Bull****! If she does manage to publish it…one can only hope that the falseness will be seen and that there wasn’t really any creativity within its making. She will just be a facsimile of a greater author and books.

    • delilahhunt says:

      Yep. I think with this author it will be very apparent probably as soon as you open the first page. I am afraid of copying another so it baffles me why someone would go out of their way to do this. LAZY.

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