Who comes up with this stuff?

So there’s a rumor going around that Saturday is the Rapture/ Judgement Day, not sure how that one got started, but if it is then I wish I had known sooner so I could engage in all sorts of debauchery before I go down. With one day left, well I guess it’s just too late to make new plans, lol.

Seriously though, I think if I did actually know the world was coming to end because of whatever reason, I’d be too damn scared to face it. I’d probably just wrap up in bed clutching a Bible and hope it happens while I’m asleep. Delilah Hunt is a big scaredy cat. Yes, this is true. Although for some reason I think my grandmother would be delighted if Saturday really was Judgement Day. Kind of like an “I told you so” Way too many childhood warnings to go to church in preparation for this day.

Anyhoo…I hope everyone will enjoy their weekend. Lots of love šŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Who comes up with this stuff?

  1. Cinquetta says:

    If it is end of the world or judgement day this weekend. GOD owe me big time because there is one pray I being asking GOD since I been sixteen. I have not gotten it yet and I want it. I pray for World peace, finanical weath, good heath happy life and good off the chain interracial story. **hint** I got that for reading Delilah’s books! **hint** What really want IS A MAN WITH A BIG_____! (it rhymn with nick) Until I get that world cannot come to a end. I would have a fit. It would make three year old shake her head.

  2. delilahhunt says:

    LoL. I feel you Cinquetta. A lot of my prayers haven’t been answered but I think he’s gotten the most important ones down! So I do give him credit for that šŸ™‚ As to your other request, who doesn’t want that. That’s why in my stories, my ladies will never have to put up with a man lacking in that department. It’s got to be BIG or go home!

  3. Cinquetta says:

    Thanks! Delilah I need that! I am glad I didn’t offend you. Yes you right about that GOD had answer some of my prays but I cannot for the big one.

  4. Julia Rachel Barrett says:

    It’s this crazy religious guy who predicted the world would end in 1994 too, or something like that. And I guess beginning at midnight tonight in New Zealand, true Christians will start disappearing, leaving the rest of us to burn in hell. Oughta be interesting, to say the least. And here I was worrying about the Mayan calendar! Dang!

  5. Maureen says:

    I heard about this a while back. It started in California, USA. If it is true, I am gonna be bummed I have been sticking to my diet and not scarfing down 7 layer chocolate cake!!

    • delilahhunt says:

      Too funny Maureen. I know exactly what you mean. Well at least if the Rapture does come, all your hard work will pay off by looking your best in the Afterlife, lol. I wish someone would just put the guy that said this in a nuthouse. Good luck with your diet. Been there before, pure hell and hard work losing my baby weight each time.

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