Something Missing??

Okay, I would say Happy___Fill in the Blank Day. But swear to God, my brain is so fried I haven’t the faintest idea what day of the week it is.  Never mind. Happy Wednesday everyone. Just saw it at the top of my laptop 🙂

If you notice two books missing from my page, it’s because I felt like doing a bit of housekeeping to focus on the genre I prefer to write in now. Although I do wish to give paranormal another try. The links to the publisher will be in the books section for Hell’s Angel and The Vampire’s Pet.

Squee. So I’m obsessively checking my inbox for the cover art from Siren. I’m so excited about it and I think the release date may be in mid July for Wyoming Triple Heat, although it hasn’t been confirmed yet. As always I’ll run here and post anything as soon as I hear 🙂 Yes I am addicted to smiley emoticons. Yet another addiction, although I’m getting the FB one under control. Kinda, sorta.

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