Author Spotlight

Woo Hoo. Today I’m putting the spotlight on one of my favorite people Charisma Knight, *waves to Charisma* Her book Of Wolf’s Blood from Amira Press, is at the top of my To be Read List and I’m so excited to get started!

Here’s the blurb for anyone interested:

In an effort to escape her sister’s sadistic lust for power and her clan’s dark family curse, Simone retreats into the world of the vampire for survival purposes. While dwelling within the coven, she meets her vampire mates Sax and Lucius. Eventually, coven law requires them to turn her vampire. There’s just one little problem. Her mates are unaware of Simone’s true nature. How will Simone survive the vampires discovering her identity–especially when others of her kind have been enemies of Steeleheart Coven for centuries? Furthermore, can she escape her sister’s clutches and avoid embracing the dark destiny of her clan?

Warning: This book sandwiches a mocha beauty between two sexy vampires.

Excerpt can be found on the link above!! Looks to be a hot read.

8 thoughts on “Author Spotlight

  1. Cinquetta says:

    I love threesome especially if its interracial. I read this book. It have good plot. I love the characters. Simone can kick butt and Sax and Lucian. I love this name it roll off the tougue when you say it. They to die for. I love the book but I wish sex scene little more details and fight scene more volence. other that that I enjoy reading the book and can’t wait to read more for Ms Knight.

  2. Charisma Knight says:

    Good morning ladies. Delilah, thank you for having me here today, I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy my book. I’ve been reading yours chica and I love how you write. ; ) Vampire’s Pet was the first book I read from you and I was hooked since, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Riding The Storm and Indecent Encounters. Tempting Mr Parker is totally on my TBR. Big hugs sis!

  3. Nevea Lane says:

    When doesn’t Charisma put out an intriguing read. I personally can’t wait to dig into another one of her tales…the suspense alone is enough for me!

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