Plans and Musings

Sticking my head out the editing cave for Love Unspoken! So yesterday I finally got the paperwork to try and enroll my four year old son in Kindergarten. Happy Happy. I won’t be able to place my two year old however because apparently I should have reserved a spot since before birth, lol.

I am so in love with this guy Cole, the hero of Love Unspoken, he is such a nice person and a hard worker, so different from my other heroes in some aspects. The heroine, Noelle, well she has a past that I suppose will bother some people. But what book would be interesting if all the characters were perfect and didn’t have some pain or experiences that helped to shape the way they are. That’s just life and when I write I don’t try to think abut stereotypes or trying to shape some sort of image about race. I write my characters for who they are regardless of race, because while race does play a role in my writing it is not the entirety of my characters and I try not to let that hold me in with storyline. Otherwise, what the heck would I find to write about. LoL. Okay I’m going on and people have no idea what I’m talking about. I’ll stop and hope someone will like the book if it sees the light of day! Hey see, I kinda gave some info about my book without going into too much details 🙂

In other news. Once Love Unspoken is completed, I will get to work on Jake and Charity’s story and also another one. FYI, Jake and Charity’s story will also be a FREE READ. I had no idea so many of you would be interested to learn more about them, the least I can do to show my appreciation is write their HEA for everyone interested to read. Thanks again everyone.

3 thoughts on “Plans and Musings

  1. Fin says:

    Yay for Love Unspoken. I love sweet, sensitive heros like that. I would NEVER write a hero that’s a douchebag. You know, like those guys who are all prickly on the outside, but soft on the inside? Yeah…never making one of those my main characters. If I do, please shank me. So far, all my heros have been just all around gentlemen and polite.

    On a different note, how the heck do you reserve a spot in kindergarten for unborn children? >__>

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