Author Spotlight

I’d love to introduce a new writer at Evernight Publishing, Shyla Colt. Her debut I/R novella, Don’t Fear The Reaper was released last week. So if anyone wants to give a totally cool new writer a chance and you have a love for paranormal romance, then you just might wanna check out DFTR. Good luck to Shyla with her new release!!!! Excerpt can be found here.


When Brea Tackett is gunned down in cold blood her guardian angel is unable to leave her to face an eternity in hell. Nox knows Angels aren’t supposed to fall in love, but that rule was broken with Brea long ago. So he strikes a deal with Azrael, the Angel of Death, for the future of her soul.

Becoming a Reaper allows Brea a chance at redemption. Purgatory is a world unlike any she’s ever dreamed of—filled with Angels, Demons, and temptation. But with training and the desire to succeed, she’s walking the straight and narrow, with one exception—Nox.

4 thoughts on “Author Spotlight

  1. pommawolfjohnson says:

    As always lately I am behind, and checked out the excerpt from a new book of Shayla’s before coming here…lol
    But I also read this excerpt, and its going to be an emotional read, and they are always the best stories…*S*
    congrats n your New Release, and I can’t wait to read the book.

    Thank you!


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