At the Keyboard.

Sorry everyone. I haven’t posted in some days. I’ve been so busy finishing up editing my second draft of Love Unspoken. My goal is to send this to my publisher (Evernight) by Friday or Saturday. When I started the story of Noelle Williams and Cole Mckinney, I never expected the journey these two would take me on. It will be my longest contemporary so far, category length and I’m very pleased with it, regardless if anyone else will be. These two already hold a special place in my heart.

So that’s all for now. I still have to go through the entire manuscript and do a bit of polishing before I’ll let anyone see it, lol. I think I’d die of embarrassment if anyone saw my unpolished drafts. So messy. If I don’t post again until I finish this, I wish everyone a wonderful and totally amazing weekend 🙂

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