My Bookshelf

It’s so amazing how different everything is when you’re a parent. I had this week planned out of reading so many books. I was even thinking a book a day even, reminiscent of my teen years, when I was making embarrassingly frequent trips to the library to restock my TBR pile. Now, I’m lucky if I can finish a book in a week. I guess that’s part of the reason I haven’t purchased so many epic length paperbacks anymore.

On the other hand, the last two books I just finished reading were wonderful. It’s no secret I’m friends with the lovely Julia Rachel Barrett and that I’m such a fan of her work. When I learned of her venture into self publishing with a ghostly romance I had to read it. Did and loved it. So for anyone looking for a paranormal/other worldly romance, Incorporeal by J.R Barrett is a good one to try.

The other book, I actually just finished is a historical menage a trois short, The Ever Knight by Georgia Fox, a sexy read. So now, I’m off to try and get some more reading in and yes, I broke down from my vow of no writing for a little while. The writing withdrawal chills proved to be too much for me to handle, so I’ll compromise by outlining my next menage novel 😉

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