Thursday Update

Been busy all week doing a read over of Love Unspoken, in preparation of getting edits soon. Highlighting, adding and deleting stuff. *whew*. Hopefully I’ll hear from my editor soon. I’m realy excited to share the blurb.

LoL. Moving on. I had a funny conversation with my four year old son awhile ago, that just left me shaking my head.

Son: “Mama, what color are you?”

Me: *thinking- I’m black, but I guess black really isn’t my color* “Brown”

Son: *giggles* “What’s daddy?”

Me: *thinking- Oh no, what do I say if he wants specific colors?* “White”

Son: “What color am I?”

Me: * thinking- damn I should have just said I’m black to make this easier* “You’re, ah, you’re brown and white. What color do YOU think you are?”

Son: “I’m black. Wait, maybe I’m blue. Or orange. I like orange.”

Me : *wipes away the sweat* “Okay, you can be orange :-)”

Such a simple conversation, but darn society makes these things harder than they have to be at times.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Update

    • delilahhunt says:

      LoL. Milk chocolate, I like that. You do have a nice tan. I’m sort of happy that there aren’t those surveys on race here, it makes it easier for them to just be individuals although at some point society will try to add some influence. Oh well.

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