Man Candy Wednesday

I’ve been revising parts of Love Unspoken. Still haven’t received edits, so unfortunately I can’t share the blurb yet. Arghh. Bursting out of my skin to give you guys a peek at this story. Finally reached the epilogue, giving it another read over to see what needs to be done in addition to changes suggested by my editor. My life is boring, nothing going on. Oh wait, today is a shorts wearing day, first in like two weeks here. Yipee!

Found this sexy guy while cruising Google, had to share πŸ™‚ Nice view isn’t it?

ETA: Wow. I just read over this post and realize how fragmented all my sentences were. That’s what I get for being so damn caught up in my books. My writing skills are going to the pits when it comes to actually communicating with people. *sigh* I’ll do better next time.

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