A few writing tips!!

Happy Wednesday everyone. Sorry to say I still have no release date yet to share with you all. I hope to get it sometime this week however. Today, though, I’d like to share a few things I’ve learned along the way for anyone out there aspiring to become a published writer. These are things that would have saved me a lot of time and rejection letters. Hope it helps someone out there 🙂

Rule #1

No Head Hopping- Meaning, for each chapter or scene break, stay inside the point of view of only one character. If the heroine is talking to her best friend, the readers should not know what is going on in the friends mind unless it is from dialogue or body language cues given to the person whose P.O.V you are writing.

Rule #2

No narcissism- This was the only term I could think of for this rule. Again, this goes back to P.O.V. If you are in the hero/heroine point of view don’t have them physically describe themselves. Case in point. Example of what not to write: Anna combed through her thick, lustrous hair. James glanced down at his thick corded muscles.

Simple reason for this is because no one thinks of themselves in those terms.

Rule #3

Leave out as many words such as “that” and “was”. Those are passive words that usually indicate you are doing more telling than showing a story. In some cases those words have to be used, but in most, they can be reduced by re-wording the sentence.

And last but not least Rule #4

Use lots and lots of action verbs. Don’t say “She ran really fast and almost fell on the sidewalk.” Instead, say something like this. “She dashed down the sidewalk, narrowly escaping the crack in the pavement.”

Not my best sentence, but I hope I got the point across. Of course I’m no expert… Just hope I can save someone who’s working on a manuscript right now a rejection letter if their draft is littered with these errors!





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