Preview Love Unspoken

Had such a ‘duh moment. I just saw Love Unspoken on Smashwords and that readers can view the first chapter of the book. So if you want a preview that’s different from the excerpt click here. Okay, ditz moment over!!

Anywhoo. It’s gonna be me and the kiddos for two weeks while the hubby is away on a business trip. Pray for me everyone. Those kids are gonna do me in.

3 thoughts on “Preview Love Unspoken

  1. Maureen says:

    Hun, You are looking at this business trip the wrong way! You need to think about all the special memories the 3 of you can make on your own. Take your little ones to the park with a picnic. Be sure to take your camera. If you find some one that can take a pix of you all playing on the swings or something, you can put together a photo album. I have one just of pix from when my hubby was traveling and my son and I would do just little things together. I know you have 2 and they are little still, but stay positive….. camping in the living room under a “homemade” blanket tent is really more fun than camping with bugs! lol Wishing you luck from Tennessee, USA

  2. delilahhunt says:

    Aww. Maureen, you know what. You just might me right. The boys can be a handful (and more) but this could definitely be a wonderful opportunity for us to bond. Thanks for looking on the bright side!

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