Weekend here I come.

I braved going on Amazon. For a writer Amazon is scary as hell when it comes to reviews. Also took a look over at All Romance Ebooks and I would love to thank everyone for all the wonderful reviews they have posted. You all rock, as usual. It might not seem like a big deal, but still it totally makes my day when I hear from someone who got what I was trying to convey with my book. Feeds the inspiration to be honest!!! So thanks again 🙂

Right now I’m working on a Christmas novella that I hope to have completed sometime in October, just trying to take my time and relax a bit so I don’t overwhelm myself. I never want to reach that point where I’m just pushing out stories for the sake of it and running myself dry. I hate when that happens and the day I see myself doing that, I’d probably stop writing. So the end of the year is coming up and after I finish this Work In Progress, then it’s on to completing the story of Charity and Jake. I’m just sorry it took such a long time to get around to it, but life, right?? Gets in the way of the best laid plans.

Also be on the look out first week of October, Evernight Publishing will be celebrating one year of publishing and there will be prizes up for grab and a HUGE sale on the site. I will give more details later on. And now, since the house is quiet. One kiddo at pre-school, the other calm for the moment, I think I’ll see how far I can get on my novella before my baby demands my attention. Have a great weekend everyone.

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