My latest story

Bad weather with lots of editing in the mix. Gray ominous skies with lots of rain pelting us each day. What a time for editing. I actually love it because it gives me the perfect reason to stay inside and work. I’m still at work on my holiday short, although I’ve been feeling sluggish lately from a bout with the flu. Everything is better now, thankfully.  So as I work on this story of Liya and Aidan (another widower hero. Got a soft spot for them), I’d like to share a few sentences from this WIP. It’s very rough, but here goes, although the final product might be slightly different:

Taking a tremulous breath, Liya turned to him. She hoped her words would give him some peace. “If I could find a way to give her back to you, I would. I swear it, Aidan. I know that might not mean much to you at this point, but I want you to know I get it. You don’t have any space left in your heart.”

His lids lowered as he took a step closer to her. “And if I did? What if I wanted to make space for someone else, do you think it’s that easy? Who would want to be with me?”

He was testing her. She held his gaze. “I would. I’d want to be with you, Aidan Keegan. I know the man who exists beneath the sadness.”

*Sadly I can’t give away any more details. One thing I’ve learned in my almost year of publishing is that not all writers can be trusted.* And on that note, my good friend Xondra Day wrote an article on her blog about her year of publishing, to which I will totally copy and write about my own experience  sometime this week 😉 Xon did it first!!!!

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