Happy Wednesday. Yippee. I’m just about finished with my holiday novella, Christmas and Forever. A bit of polishing and it should be out of my hand in a day or two.

After this I will be taking a break from writing, at least writing on a schedule. I am going to a few months relaxing, catching up on some reading and allowing the muse to guide me on my own schedule. It’ll be nice to go to bed at a decent hour once again without the pressure of completing a book on time.

I will tell you this. I received an email from a reader who asked about a sequel to Riding The Storm and as of now yes, I plan on writing a story of Matthew’s cousin Caleb. I will also work on Charity and Jake’s story during my break.

I’m so late in the game and way behind the time, but I’ve finally broken down and decided to get a Kindle. This is after I tried to order a few books from Amazon Germany and what would normally cost anywhere from 3-5 Euros on Kindle, some thieves upping the price of popular English romance novels to almost 100 Euros. So yeah. And so happy to purchase another copy of The Flame and The Flower.

I know I mentioned this book in my bio on this page, but I haven’t read this book in a few years and I’m due for another reading. This will be third copy I’ve purchased. I still can’t say how much I love this book and how much it influenced my wish to write my own romance novels, not like I could ever be in a class by the great Ms. Woodiwiss.

I will keep updating my blog, but as of next week, I’m on a writer’s holiday 🙂

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