Christmas Novella

So happy to share with you all that I’ve finally finished my Christmas story Christmas and Forever. I’ve received the approval from Evernight Publishing, so now, I’m waiting on cover art to share with you all. For the past few days I was basically locked away inside trying to finish it up in time.

I got my Kindle on Saturday and I love it so much. I had no idea it would be that small and light. A friend told me that it was just like reading from a book and I was shocked to see just how right she was. All this time, I held back from buying one because I thought it would hurt my eyes. (I’m almost blind by the way) Blind in a way without my contacts in one morning, I almost mistook an old woman in a black outfit as a large black dog coming at me. Hahaha. Yeah, it’s that bad.

Anywhoo, I hope you all are doing well, and once again thanks so much for your support. I hope you’ll like this new story also. Take care everyone. I’m off to clean my jungle of an apartment and get some reading done!!!

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