Tuesday Update and Blurb

First, I want to apologize for not being as active with this blog as I used to be. But, this is just one of those things, where life is going faster than I can keep up these days. My youngest son is at that age where he need CONSTANT attention, so basically I have to steal away for time on the computer if it’s not within my writing time frame. I think at some point I will switch this blog over to an actual webpage (if that day ever comes) For now, I will post updates a few times per week to let you all know what is going on.

As for writing, I’m taking a little break and hoping to come back with a fresh perspective next year when I get to the sequel for Riding the Storm, Caleb’s story. For everyone interested. I haven’t had a chance to get started on Charity and Jake’s story yet, but that will get done before the year is out.

And last but not least I have posted the blurb for Christmas and Forever. No cover art yet šŸ˜¦ Right now, I’m working on the first set of edits, so hopefully I will get it soon.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Update and Blurb

  1. Ayana says:

    Hi Delilah,
    I was breezing through Cafe au Lait and saw your invite. I have several of your books and I have enjoyed them all. I am looking forward to reading about this doctor. I know your going to take us on a beautiful journey with this story. Anyhow, just want to leave a little something to let you know, I appreciate you.

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