A few Teaser Sentences

So one of my lovely friends on FB (you know who you are) asked about a sneak preview of Christmas and Forever, so I thought I’d share a few sentences while awaiting my second set of edits, which allows me to post an excerpt. Here goes.

Aidan scoured his gaze lower, then upward to her face. “Smart girl.” He spun in the direction of his small office in a secluded corner.

“I’m not a girl. I’m twenty-three in case you forgot it from the employee application.”

Abruptly his motion halted. Aidan regarded her with a slow pivot of the head and bore down on her as if he were observing an insect under a microscope. “That means nothing to me.”

4 thoughts on “A few Teaser Sentences

  1. Denise says:

    “That means nothing to me.”!!!!! Famous last words guys usually say. Aidan should of known better than to utter those words. SMH. 😉

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