Winner and Wyoming Triple Heat Contest

Congrats to Pomma!! A copy of Riding the Storm is headed your way. Thanks to everyone who participated so far 🙂

And the contest keeps going… Today’s treat is Wyoming Triple Heat. I can tell you all, this is the only book of mine that felt like it wrote itself. To this day I wish my muse would be on fire like she was with this book, just pouring out the words.

Blurb and Excerpt are posted on the page if you want a sneak peek.

7 thoughts on “Winner and Wyoming Triple Heat Contest

  1. Paulette Bealer says:

    Good Morning Delilah!

    The cover art on your books is always great! Who does it? By the way, thanks again for the contest!

    • delilahhunt says:

      Thanks Paulette. The publishers takes care of the cover art. All we, as the writers do is fill out a form and hope we get a dreamy cover. Dara England does the covers for Evernight Publishing and my Siren cover was done by Jinger Heaston. Both amazing artists.

  2. Loray says:

    OMG, the true winner here is Lexie! Not one, not two, but three fabulous hunks! I will confess to hating on the girl a bit here. From reading the blurb – this is one book that should be a must read. I would really welcome the opportunity to read this one.

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