Happy Tuesday

For anyone who didn’t get a chance to see the naughty excerpt I posted over at The Romance Studio, it’s been posted on the Christmas and Forever page up top.

Now that the holiday is drawing closer, I’m still trying to get my Christmas shopping done. My two year old has no idea about what he wants. When I ask him, he just mimicks whatever, Brent my *sniff* almost five year old son says. He’s turning five in two weeks. Bittersweet how they grow up so fast. So for Christmas, I’m supposed to get this child, a helicopter with remote, a rocket ship also with remote and a computer, but not a ‘baby computer’. He wants a grown up computer. LMAO. There’s just no way I would ever allow a five year to own a computer! Still on the hunt for a suitable toy helicopter and possibly the rocket ship.

So that was my little info about the holidays and kiddies 🙂

For anyone who would like a free read, Alyssandra Foster has an IR short up over at XoXo Publishing called Submissive Desires. I plan to cozy up when I get a free minute and give it a read also!

2 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

    • delilahhunt says:

      LoL. There’s a toy computer in the house that he refuses to touch. It’s for ‘babies’, according to him. And yeah, he’s really into flying objects, more so since we took the vacation to Mallorca and he spent the entire time staring out the window.

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