My long update

TGIF! What a week. Hubby has been away all week long on another business trip, s once again it’s me and the boys. Hectic, but love spending the quality time with them.

OMG and greedy

The bakery where I lose all self determination

me. Since I got to Germany I have been eating practically nothing but these delicious rolls called Broetchen (getting my comp to put the two dots above the ‘o’ is too complicated for me) There’s a bakery within like 2 minutes of where I live and suffice it to say they know me there to the point where I’m always a little embarrassed going in. But those rolls are too hard to resist. Anywhoo, I put on some pounds from eating them every single day. No self control here, I know.

So I started a low (almost no) carb diet. I did well on it until four days in. Jesus Christ I thought I was going to die. The first three days weren’t so bad, but by Tuesday, my eyes hurt, felt heavy and tight. I was walking around in a brain fog, could barely think. I was just walking around like a zombie. I kept going though, trying to tell myself it wasn’t that bad. Dear God, I was laying in bed couldn’t fall asleep, because I felt like crap, and then I was terrified I was actually going to die. I couldn’t take it anymore. I jumped out of bed and basically ate everything I could get my hands. It was just one of those “Screw this shit” moment. I tell you, it felt so dam good to eat, there was ZERO guilt.

I don’t care what anyone says. I would NEVER again deny myself anything for the sake of losing weight. I mean, yeah I’m still watching calories and exercising, but I’m eating what I want now and I feel better than ever. *shudders* I just really regret starting that diet.

And that was the majority of my week. Of course I barely got any writing done and I’m okay with it. It’s still a bit hard for me to come down from last year when I was writing with every single free minute I had. There’s a quote that I really love and I wish I could find the person to give credit to, or even the exact quote. It’s something like this. “When a writer isn’t writing, a writer is thinking about writing.” Truer words never spoken. There’s also the guilt that comes with it. I think to myself, while I find the spare moments to exercise, “I should be writing instead.”  Just one of those things, not enough time in the day.

So basically I’m in a form of limbo until August when there will be a spot for my ‘baby’ in Kindergarten. I keep trying to reminding myself that it’s okay to go slow and take it easy. Which is very hard for me, because once I get something in my head, I’m all gung ho, just want to put 100% into it and block out everything else until I get it done.

Anywhoo, hope ya’ll can bear with me for a couple of months, until I get back on track with my schedule. I have a lot more in store, works that I hope will be much longer than what I’ve been putting out.

4 thoughts on “My long update

  1. Denise says:

    OMG! That low carb diet is crazy. My husband passed out while he was on it. I believe that was on day four of the diet. Since then he found another plan and lost about forty pounds.

    As for the bakery 🙂 Germany does have some good bread. I had some while I was there and it is very easy to get sucked in the I want/I need trap to eat them.

    • delilahhunt says:

      Denise, I had to fill up on carbs, because I knew it was about to reach the point of me passing out. I honestly don’t know how some people do it. I just will never do that again. Baked goodies and ice cream will always be my downfall and being here in Germany definitely makes it worse, since I’m surrounded by bakeries everywhere I go.

    • delilahhunt says:

      Definitely not Dunkin Donuts!! But the sad thing is, it’s hard to find a decent donut if you do want one and it’s hilarious the things the label as “American” I’m like, no one is eating that in America. But of course, put an American flag on it and it becomes American food.

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