Feels like Ages!!

First off, let me say I’m sooooo sorry for how long I’ve been away from my blog. Life has been hectic recently, but I can finally say things are turning a corner.

So for my long update of everything that has been going on. The good news first.

I’ve finally found a daycare for my Valentine’s Day baby who will be turning 3 next week. He will be starting in March and I will officially be a full time writer then!!!! Well at least from 8-2 p.m. Better yet, I got an email from my older son, Brent’s Kindergarten (Pre-school in the U.S) that there will be a spot for Blake (the little one) in August. So I’ll have them in two opposite directions for a few months, no biggie.

Hubby and I are already getting an office upstairs ready for me. I’m so excited.

On the other hand with all this exciting stuff going on, I’m a little worried because my younger son has this annoying red bump on his lower eyelid that refuses to go away. He’s had it before and it’s gone away on it’s own, but this time it came back and the poor guy has been dealing with it for about a month now. The optometrist says our only option now is to have them remove it in a minor surgery. Eeek. I feel so dumb being scared, but the thought of them putting him to sleep for it just makes me really uneasy. But what else to do, right?

So, while I may not post again in a little while. I’m still around trying to get everything sorted 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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