*Head hits the desk* I am so sorry everyone. I know, I know. I have utterly and horribly neglected my site and to keep you all updated. All I can say is these months have just been one of those times when time completely escaped my noticed.

I am still here and I will continue to write!

I don’t know if it is the weather over here in Germany or what, but I swear to God every week me or one of my little has gotten ill. Hmm, not sure if you all remember me mentioning an eye surgery my 5 year old needed to have… well that had to be postponed until an issue with his heart was thoroughly screened by an anesthesiologist. Something we weren’t told beforehand. So we’re still sitting on our hands waiting on that to happen.

As for writing. I am so happy to know you all didn’t forget about me and are still looking forward to my books. Once again I’m extremely sorry I didn’t get to complete the story of Jake and Charity like I promised I would have completed at the end of 2011. Rest assured I will begin working on it again although I must admit the one story I am obsessed with inside my head is the sequel to Riding The Storm. I’m not sure how it will be on paper, but in my head, it’s amazing. A truly beautiful tearjerker with a heroine you just wanna hug and, Caleb, the hero you just want to kick in the groin. Matthew and Zara will make a few appearances, as it will take place a couple of years after their marriage.

So when will I start on all these things I keep blabbing about? I can with 100% guarantee  (barring no major catastrophes) that I will begin my normal writing schedule by the end of this month, starting with the promise I made to finish the free story. No broken promises here!!

I will also reactivate my FB account around that time, although I will try my hardest to keep it strictly about my writing and not as much chatting as before. But to be honest, life without FB has been very stress free.

So to everyone reading this, thanks again for sticking with me during my break.


3 thoughts on “Sorryyyyyy

  1. juliabarrett says:

    Hi girl! I know you’ve been busy and I’m glad you’re back. Hope all is well with the kidlets now. Whenever you get your books written, we will be here waiting!

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