D-day Eeek

Okay, I’ll admit it. DH and I are the biggest procrastinators. Every single day for the past month we’ve been saying, “Okay today we’ll file taxes.” Well the deadline is here and we’re just now scrambling to get it all done today. Oh man. I don’t even want to think about if something happens so we don’t do it today.

I’m getting nervous thinking about it, so I’ll move to something else. So my son who was supposed to get the eye surgery this month. I’m so glad to say that his eye has actually started to heal on it’s without the surgery. The doctor told us there was a chance that might happen while we’re in the waiting period. So I’m glad it’s getting better on it’s own now, after like six months of dealing with this. I had a conversation with him that went something like this when I noticed the swelling under his eye was almost gone.

Me: Brent, you’re eye is getting better, honey. It’s not sick anymore.

Brent with a nod: Yeah, but you still wear glasses, mommy. What about your eyes?

Me: Well, my eyes will always be sick. They won’t get any better.

Brent: Oh, is that why your eyes are so big?

Well damn. I ALREADY know my eyes are big, did the kid really have to point it out? #iwasbornthisway

Anywhoo, I’m sitting in my office. Yes…office, because now that both kiddies are out of the house, I have my time to pretend to be a professional writer and try to get as much done before I have to go pick them up. So the clock is ticking. I’m off to write. Have a great day everyone 🙂

4 thoughts on “D-day Eeek

  1. Alex says:

    welcome back d,i’m glad to here that the you and the fam is doing well. I’m sitting here rubbing my fingures together can’t wait for the new books.

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