Still at it

Whew *wipes forehead* Okay not quite. So taxes, as I mentioned before. DH and I ended up having to wait on the 17th  (German time) until the kids were in bed before we could do them in a live online session. My God, the thing took over 3 hours. Then we’re there looking at each other and the clock, dead tired as it’s closing in to after midnight for us. We’re like, “Okay, it’s almost done, it’s almost done.”

Then bam, the tax guy says he’s so confused about our situation with living abroad that he needs us to come back online in one hour to go back over everything! I was already on the verge of passing out from being so tired. Thankfully, DH sucked it up, told me to go to bed and he would stay up and get back online with the guy.

Wake up in the morning all happy it’s done and over with because of the long ass time it took. Um, no. Still more confusion which led to us having to file for an extension. Damn. I just wanted this thing to be over with for the year. So in six months time, we’ll be scrambling again, or maybe not if we know what’s good for us.

Writing is coming along. I really hope to have that story for you guys by the end of May. Gonna push it now, since I decided to start from the beginning. I won’t be getting much writing in today. It’s another D-day for me. Time to re-twist my dreads. My poor fingers are looking at about 3-4 hours of twisting. Good thing is, at least the kids are away at preschool and daycare, so I won’t have to run around with sticky fingers of aloe, honey and olive oil, chasing them around the house while trying to get it done.

So, have a wonderful weekend everyone and take care 🙂

6 thoughts on “Still at it

  1. ambatton says:

    Sounds like our tax experience on the 14th!! We did finish that day! And it was the FIRST year in many we got money back! $12! It will buy pens for my writing! HA!

    The days of twisting! I spent hours on my son’s hair! I plotted while twisting! :o) He grew tired of sitting, so he had his locks cut… after two years of growing them! I hated it, but it’s his hair.

    • delilahhunt says:

      Hey Cleo. I remember you mentioned it me for on FB. I tried to find it…impossible over here to find. So I gotta stick with my aloe, honey and olive oil mixture for now. Sucks, but it gets the job done.

  2. Alyssandra Foster says:

    I’m so happy you’re getting back in the groove of things. My apologies about the tax thing I file mine as soon as i get the chance, I know if I didn’t i’d be scrambling too. I can’t wait to read your next release!

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