Tuesday groans

Okay, so I mentioned it once, that just about every freaking week, someone in this family gets sick. Two weeks ago I had food poisoning and now I’m laid up in bed (as I’m typing) because I spent last night throwing up. My stomach feels horrible and I feel weak and drained. I honestly don’t know if bad weather can contribute to a weakened immune system, but that’s my only guess. In America my family was never this sick!

Well the one good thing is, I can just lay back and do all the plotting that needs to get done, since my 5 year old decided to take care of laundry yesterday. Kid told me he had to use the bathroom, so when he finally comes out, I ask him if he washed his hands. He looks at me all surprised and says, no he was in there in doing laundry.

My eyes pop out, and I already feel like crap as it is, so my blood pressure shot through the roof. I had clothes running in the dryer and the washing machine, so I don’t know what the hell he thought he was in there doing.

I go in the bathroom, with him pleading for me not to go in there. There is just one big mess of clothes laying all across the bathroom floor (it’s common for laundry room and bathroom to be combined here). Worse, the machine is running with like 4 pieces of clothes and waaaaaaay too much detergent. The headache I had, started pounding even more. I’m just staring at the floor with no idea what’s clean from dirty. Thankfully, I was able to straighten it all out before giving him a warning NEVER to go in there thinking he’s allowed to do laundry by himself.

I should also add after reading some sad news about a child dying from a washing machine, that this is a safe machine. It’s a front loader that doesn’t store a lot of water. If he climbed in, all the water would have splashed onto the floor, and it can only be locked from someone on the outside. So he couldn’t have locked himself in it by accident. Plus, he knows damn better than to do that, because I’ve asked him about it before, what is allowed in the machine and he knows it’s dangerous for him or his brother to climb in it or the dryer.


9 thoughts on “Tuesday groans

  1. Maureen says:

    First off, your house could be making you sick. Get some air purifiers and use them. Second, I am sorry your family has been sick, but please dont be upset at the little one for trying to be a big guy and help you. I know I am always giving you parenting advice, but trust me, I USED to be the mom who was never fun and always working, or thinking about working. Always wanting to do it myself because they are going to do it wrong anyway. I regret it. So, just take a deep breath and go with the flow, it will all work out.

    • delilahhunt says:

      You know what Maureen. That thought came to me this morning that it could be something in here making us sick. I just don’t even know where to start since everything LOOKS normal.

      As for your other point. You have me down to a “T” That’s exactly the type of personality I have, even in elementary school I preferred to do things on my own cause no one else will do it the way I think it should be done. You make a very good point!

      • Maureen says:

        My son just turned 15, and we are looking at colleges now. It seems like he just started kindergarten not too long ago. Nothing like having more “type a” personalities out there, right or wrong, I always did it my way, everyone else be damned. As to the house, I would try the air purifiers first, check and replace all your filters for heating/ac systems. Also, try to find some Claratin for allergies. Made a world of difference for my son. He missed 30 days in the 5th grade. After Claratin, missed 3 days!

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