TGIF and a snippet of my WIP

Happy Friday, everyone. Hope you all have something better to do than me on the weekend. Forecast for tomorrow, gray and rainy, and I’ll have to spend the entire day along with other parents getting the playground of my son’s pre-school cleaned and spruced up for summer. Repairing the gate, changing sand out the sand box, basically a shit load of work for the day. Can’t complain too much though, since what we’re paying here each month is what I hear most people in the US is paying per week. Unbelievable. It boggles the mind why childcare has to be so expensive.

Moving on. As I promised, here’s a few line from my WIP. Still no title yet since I want to use something different than Love’s Redemption. The following is from my rough draft (very rough draft).

Disclaimer: Adult snippet. If you’re under 18 and read anything on my blog. Can’t say I never warned ya.

Jake stared at her in confusion. Why the hell was she out here still talking to him? “Listen, Charity…” His mind scrambled for a polite way to tell her to fuck off, despite her lame —maybe sincere— apology. He’d made a mistake inside the restaurant, one he wasn’t about to let snowball even further.

“Wait.” She held up a hand and began writing on a small piece of paper. “First and last time,” she said, mimicking his words then handing it to him.

Before he had the time to form a reply, his brain had already shifted into overdrive. Charity was walking away, her round ass and smooth legs, elongated in a pair of heels that clicked in rhythm to the provocative swish of her hips.

Blood rushed to his cock. Jake shook his head, dragging his gaze away from her ass. He’d never ridden with an erection before and wasn’t about to start now. Drawing in a steady breath, he glanced at the paper held between his fingers. In annoyingly perfect penmanship, he read: Charity P. Miller.

9 thoughts on “TGIF and a snippet of my WIP

  1. Maureen says:

    So excited for the new book to get done and out to us. Have fun volunteering, and look on the bright side, better a little dreary than 100 degrees f. !!

  2. Cleo says:

    Hey Delilah! Loved the tidbit. I will go ahead and be the selfish reader and ask …how long is this book and how soon till I get my hands on it! I always knew Jake’s story was going to be HAWT!

    • delilahhunt says:

      Hey Cleo. Not selfish at all. This book will be a free download on the Evernight Publishing website. It will be around 20,000 words, maybe a bit more, hope not less. I’m hoping to have a rough draft finished this month, then another two weeks of editing before I hand it in to my publisher since they will provide me with more editing and a cover. So you should have this book sometime in summer I hope, it depends on their release schedule.

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