Same ol, same ol

Surprise, surprise. I’ve been dealing with sick kiddies this week and oh wow guess what I have a freaking cold AGAIN! This has to be like the fourth one since the year got started. On Sunday night I realized my three year old had a fever, so he’s been home ever since then. Last night we noticed that the other son was burning up with fever. So today I have both boys at home. Poor little guys.

So I thought maybe we had mold or something that was making us sick, but um…no. Had that checked out. What I failed to realize was that EVERYONE else is sick. The lady who does the home daycare my youngest son is in, says she’s pretty much gotten used to being sick all the time. The other kids are always sick with the cold also, she says. Apparently it’s just the weather. One day it’ll be like near 70 degrees, the next day 40.

I guess I should have known it was that, since the only time I’ve ever gotten an infection in my head attributed to the flu was at the end of last year (I was told by the doctor that it’s quite common for that to happen here in winter). Never once while living in Jamaica or America had that ever happened to me. So I’m doing a lot of complaining and if my hubby ever reads this I know he’s going to chew me out for always complaining about the weather. haha. Just kidding, he’s the sweetest guy…if I’m not annoying him with some weirdness *crickets chirping*

Anywhoo. I will shut up now because apart from that I do like it. It’s a great place to raise kids and my favorite part. Very SAFE. If I accidentally leave the door open I won’t worry that someone is going to break into the house, (not that I’ve ever left it open) The mail lady actually gave me someone else’s mail to deliver for her because they weren’t home and she didn’t want the person to have to make an extra trip to the post office and frankly, they’re just not used to much dishonesty around here. And my favorite part. No guns!!!!!!!

While I miss so many things about America…and my childhood in Jamaica, I’m coming to terms and actually liking it that chances are we’ll be over here forever.

So I’ve talked up a storm today. Now I’m off to feed the kiddies, then try to get a quick bout of writing in before they have find that burst of energy (as only sick children home from school can find) and start wrecking the place 🙂

5 thoughts on “Same ol, same ol

  1. Savannah Chase says:

    Oh boy…that is not good..I hope everyone feels better…I think this year there are more bugs going around because of the weather…Winter wasn’t so bad to kill off a lot of the bacteria..They are saying allergies will be on the rise and you are already seeing bugs going around, people getting sick over and over..

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