Wednesday ramblings

So basically yesterday almost the entire day I was walking around in a daze. This I think is one of the curses of being a writer. I had way too many plots going on inside my head and I felt like pulling out my hair because it’s like, when, when will I ever get the time to write all of them. Sure take it slow, but seriously it’s so painful sometimes when a new idea slams into you and all you want to do is escape somewhere, stop time and just write, write, write.

I’m positive this is something most writers experience, just like how I thought I was the weirdest person and was terrified anyone would find out that ever since I was a kid I had stories playing out inside my head all the time. I even used to look at those sales paper in the Sunday morning newspaper as a child and use the models to put faces to the characters in my head. Yeah, I secretly did wonder if I was kinda crazy. Nope, as it turned out just about every writer I spoke with said they also had stories playing inside their heads all the time. Only difference between me as a kid and now is that I know those were just plots needing to be written down and not a child desperately in need of a psychologist.

So I guess all in all I should really be jumping for joy since I’ve managed to write out plots to sustain me for a good while. And that’s the most important thing. And moving on… I’m still working on the novella for Jake and Charity, should have the rough draft finished by the end of next week, *crosses fingers* And if I want that to happen, I gotta get off this blog now and do some writing. 

8 thoughts on “Wednesday ramblings

  1. Maureen says:

    I have read many authors saying they feel like they have multiple personalities running around in their heads. They can only silence them by writting them down. Lucky for you, you can get rid of them…..mine just keep talking, lol. Have a great weekend! Maureen

  2. juliabarrett says:

    I do have voices in my head, that’s for sure! I just know enough not to assume they’re talking to me! Most writers minds are filled with stories, Delilah – it would take more than one lifetime to tell them all.

  3. Charisma Knight says:

    Hey Delilah,

    Every word you said is true. LOL When I’m driving sometimes something pops into my mind and the need to complete my errands and appointments is overwhelming so I can get the heck home and write. It does seem like you have multiple personalities running around in your head!

    Take care chica

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