Friday Snippet

Hey everyone. I wasn’t sure if I was going to post the Friday Snippet, but here I am. Right now, it’s always the same for me. I thought I was feeling better for a while, then bam, the flu came back on me, with the most intense headache. I’ve been dealing with a hammering inside my head for the entire week. I got some medicine that helped me last year when I was dealing with these massive flu induced headaches for the first time ever, so hopefully it will help again and I can feel normal.

SO, I’m still on track with the novella. Looks like I should have the first draft completed as I had hoped by end of next week. I’m happy. And here’s the Snippet. Thanks for reading.


A tight feeling clamped inside his chest. Suddenly he thought of Brielle. After so many years she was still able to saunter through his mind. It couldn’t be helped. Whenever they were going through an on and off period, every woman had been compared to the fiery redhead. None had measured up. But now…older and wiser, with five years of being an inmate at San Quentin State Prison behind him, every word, every touch, movement, every single detail about Charity that set her about from the likes of that bitch, played like music in his eardrums. Unselfish.

He really wanted to see her again. Desperation though, was piss drunk ugly. Keeping his mouth shut, Jake told her goodnight.



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