Thursday news

Happy Almost Friday! I’m feeling much much better. Turns out all I needed was a round of antibiotics to clear up a sinus infection… the culprit for my headaches. Gonna start editing my WIP next week, and over the weekend settle down into coming up with a title for this thing!

This week has brought about an eye opener for me in terms of where I want my writing career to go, and as of now I am super excited about the new path I’ll be taking after summer. It’s a big change for me, but I’ll still be writing IR with lots of heart and passion and romance as the central core.

I have a new western contemporary series, that I will devote some time to after I give you all the sequel to Riding The Storm. So, lots of new things in 2012, that I think is only for the best and a long time coming. Just took a while and a wonderful friend and author to help me along. Can’t say too much right now, though 😉

Tomorrow I’ll post the last snippet, before I get started on editing and polishing.

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