Friday Snippet

Been having terrific weather here lately. Blue skies, warm breezes and lots of sunny days. So not typical for Germany, but I’m LOVING it. Definitely looking forward to the weekend and having some fun with the husband and kids. Hopefully I’ll find some inspiration from the sunshine and get a title for this novella. Wish me luck.

So since it’s Friday, here we are again, with the last snippet from Jake and Charity. Here goes nothing.

From the pages of my rough draft.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?” 

The question would have been innocent enough, if not for the furtive movement of her eyes on the front of his pants. She looked back up. Not fast enough again. Just like in the restaurant. Straightening, Jake turned his back to the machine and faced her. “Yeah,” he answered throatily.

She uncrossed her legs and gazed at him in earnest. “I thought about you all last night. I couldn’t leave San Jose fast enough to come back and see you. Does that also make you uncomfortable?”

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